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Album Review: Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna

The charm and character of Kedr Livanskiy’s previous work has not been eradicated by an improved fidelity; just listening to the opening title track from Ariadna, with its mournful, loping vocal hook, gives you the same feeling of intercepting a transmission from a hidden bunker somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow. But, beneath Livanskiy’s transportative voice, the beats and percussive elements sound crisper, more finely hewn.

- Having placed Kedr Livanskiy's 2016 mini-album in my favourites of last year, I got the chance to review her proper debut album Ariadna for the 405.

Album Review: The Clientele - Music For The Age Of Miracles

Album Review: Hundred Waters - Communicating

Album Review: Hundred Waters - Communicating