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Welcome to Rob Hakimian’s website, collecting together the best of his writing from over the years.

Live Review: Gorillaz at Demon Dayz Festival, Dreamland, Margate, 10/06/17

With the crowd now firmly under their control, Albarn guided his troupe through a slew of songs from Humanz. ‘Momentz’, with the live inclusion of De La Soul’s energy, exploded in a way that it never quite manages on record. One of the album’s highlights ‘Submission’ stood up even stronger in the live setting, with a surprise guest appearance from Kelela, and Danny Brown swanning onto the stage to coolly and confidently deliver his verse. His assuredness and brazen flow made me both satisfied that I had witnessed him perform so brilliantly, and all the more frustrated that I had missed his solo set.

- I went to Gorillaz Demon Dayz Festival in Margate and had an awesome time watching them bring out all the guests they could manage. Read all about it on The 405.

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