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Album Review: Daphni - Fabriclive 93

Snaith has opted to go largely for tracks of his own making, previously unreleased, and stitched together here into an entirely new Daphni product. Only 4 of the 27 tracks on Fabriclive 93 are not Daphni originals. As an entry to the Fabriclive series, Daphni’s is a worthy one, capturing a talented party connoisseur in his most comfortable zone. It is a condensed but still very enjoyable facsimile of Snaith’s multi-faceted, technical and tasteful dancefloor oriented abilities.

-After seeing Dan Snaith's 5 hour DJ set at Fabric, I was inspired to write about his new Fabriclive 93 mix over on the 405.

Album Review: Ben Frost - Threshold Of Faith

Album Review: Ben Frost - Threshold Of Faith

Podcast: Views From The 405, Episode 02