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I have decided to re-ignite this blog after months of dormancy because it has come around to one of my favourite times of year: list-making season! As a bonafide music nerd it is my obligation to rank everything that passes between my ears, and this is especially true of albums when year-end comes around.

This year has, in my opinion, been absolutely exceptional year for music. I tried to keep track of how many albums I heard this year, but I lost track when I was into triple figures just a few months in. From all those albums I heard I wittled it down to 70 amazing albums this year, and waith painstaking effort I managed to cut it down even further into a top 50 - but only after hours of deliberating and some agonising last-minute cuts.

But now my top 50 is settled and since the advent season is upon us I thought I'd roll out my top 50 albums of 2015 over the 25 days leading to Christmas (that means revealing 2 a day for those of you not so good at maths), with blurbs detailing what's so great about each of them and some explanation as to why they have found their way into my heart and onto my record shelves.

We're starting today at number 50 and will be rolling right down to the colossal number 1 on the big day.

I hope you'll read, enjoy, comment and share as we progress. Now let's get on with it!