Album Review: Okkervil River - The Silver Gymnasium

"...the band is guiding the way with bright and colourful tunes; Cully Symington’s drums are the best Okkervil River have ever had, stomping, shuffling or sauntering through songs; synths embellish the picture; organs burble and wheeze; guitars both warmly buzz and frenetically crackle; the piano adorns the outskirts; and there are show-stealing horns emphatically punching their way into the picture on several songs."

One of my favourite bands Okkervil River just put out their 7th album The Silver Gymnasium; my review's over at Beats Per Minute


Album Review: Julia Holter - Loud City Song

"...the complexity and stateliness of the music itself is matched by the concepts and influences that manifest themselves in her lyrics; some people might be put off by thinking that they need a degree in classic literature or Greek philosophy to get the full impact of Holter’s words, but on Loud City Song the broad and exquisitely-used instrumentation brings the songs and words to life on their own merits, without any prior knowledge of their origins necessary."

- Read my full review of my favourite album of the year, Julia Holter's Loud City Song, over at Beats Per Minute