The 'I'm happy to be alive' tape

Music is my favourite thing about being alive. Pretty much any song that gets into my body in any way makes me feel thankful for existence. But I thought I'd try to pick 7 songs that, for me, condense that feeling into themselves sonically and lyrically. This is what I came up with.

Regret / Alternate Realness

A poem

A shit poem about shitness that was just called "Regret" but now has an alternate shit name that is more appropriate for its shitness, "Alternate Realness." Also it has 5 beats a line, is there a name for that?

The 'Story of My Life' tape

Tell the story of my life so far in just 7 songs? It was a hell of a challenge, but I think the songs below, and my thoughts around them, should give you a broad outline of what I've done so far. in my 29 and a bit years.

The 'Oh my god I think I like you' tape

Following on from last week's Break-up Tape, I thought we'd go back to the opposite end of a relationship. Actually, this is the point even before the relationship has officially begun. This 7-track playlist tracks the trajectory of emotions that comes with realising you have a crush on someone, and what you then feel as you try to get up the guts to ask them out. As ever, these are all songs I adore and I hope you will too. Here is the 'Oh my god I think I like you' tape.

The break-up mini-tape

On suggestion from a beloved friend, we each made a playlist of 7 songs to soundtrack a break up. We had to be creative about it, so I made mine into a narrative about the stages of a break up. Here are my 7 songs outlining the trajectory of heartbreak, all of which I love very dearly.