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This week I’ve decided that, since not that much of note has been happening, rather than tell a linear story about what I’ve been up to I’ll just tell you about a few things that have become important facets of my life recently. From foods, to tricks, to hobbies, here are 8 things making my little Korean world turn.

Another week of working has passed at an alarmingly fast rate, and with now 5 weeks of teaching under my belt that means that I've more or less completed 10% of the contract that I signed. If the next 90% goes at this rate then I feel like I might have moved through the space-time continuum so quickly that I'll come back a year younger than I was, rather than year older. Spending the days with youngsters certainly adds to this feeling of gaining youthfulness. On the other hand, the amount of alcohol consumed regularly has the opposite effect, and the two most interesting stories from this week revolve around that. 

I'm pretty sure the calendar is playing tricks on me. It tells me that I've just finished my fourth week of teaching, but my brain finds this almost impossible to fathom. I still feel like I'm brand new to the country, to the job, to my students, but I've been here for a month now. And when I actually think about it, things have really completely settled. Each day ticks by just like the one before it, my students are used to my presence and I'm really feeling at home now.